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The Victims The Place The Investigation Time it was The Crime The Convicted

Chris Wahl

Who did Chris Wahl see?

    Chris Wahl described seeing Chris Byers with a "blond," both on bicycles.  Chris Wahl knew Chris Byers and, according to the information in a tip, also knew the Hobbs' children.  But who was the second one on a bike?

    According to the door to door notes:
1114 E. Barton - ###-#### *6:45 to 7:00 saw Chris E. Barton + McAuley.
Blond with Chris red bike both spray on paint toward(?) Robbin Hood.
    And from the interview notes:
@ 7:00 I saw the Byers kid and the kid who lives accross the street / on the street near his brother's house going towards Robin Hood / Beginning to get dark.
    Also from the interview notes:
I got out about 6:45 pm or so maybe 7:00 pm. My dad picked me up and we went home on the way we saw the Byers boy and one other boy. They were on bicycles in front of the Mayfair on Barton. They were going towards Robin Hood hills.
    This was echoed in a handwritten portion of the interview notes:  
got out about 6:45 p or 7:00 p. Dad picked me up went home saw Byers kid and 1 other kid both on bicycles. They were on W. McAuley at Barton by Mayfair. They were going towards Robbin Hood. Starting to get dark.
    First, the notes unambiguously state he saw Chris Byers. Both kids were on bikes.

Was the second person Chris Wahl saw Steve Branch?

    Chris Wahl says the person was a blond, but he probably knew Steve Branch, since the tip against him came from Pamela Hobbs. "Chris Walls? lives on Goodwin. Would have trusted him. Wanted to baby sit mothers younger 4 yr old daughter." (Note: Wahl lived on Barton near Weaver, not close to the intersection of Barton and Goodwin. This note was however included with Wahl's file along with a police note: ". . . unknown caller who stated that he [Wahl] liked to hang around with younger kids."  

    Furthermore, the description of the bicycles as "red bike both spray on paint."  Steve Branch's red bicycle was new and the paint could hardly be mistaken as spray-on.

Does this statement help clarify who Wahl saw?

    "I saw the Byers kid and the kid who lives accross the street / on the street near his brother's house."

    The kid who lived across the street could be interpreted as Michael Moore if he means across the street from Byers. But there is no way to mistake Moore as a blond. Wahl's brother, Mark, lived on West McAuley which is where Chris Wahl says he saw Chris Byers.  

    The above statement seems to say Wahl saw Chris Byers with a blond who lived across the street from Wahl.

    Chris Byers being separate from the other victims is also supported by the witnesses who saw Michael Moore and Stevie Branch on Wilson, Goodwin and WE Catt and by Bobby Posey who saw Chris Byers near Chris Wahl's house.

Other sightings of a blond on a bike.  

974 W McAuley Mayfair North
Ira Ingram saw one boy on bicycle blond hair between 11 - 11:30 Wed night heard noise + dogs were barking on the hill where they cross at about 7:30.

714 Wilson - w/m mid 20's on bike yesterday 5-6-93 approx 6'0" slim build sandy blond med length hair - blue jeans - plaid shirt saw him about 3 different times - once walking twice on a bike.

    And, again, the Baileys:

1202 WE Catt Otto Bailey, Jr. and Sheila Bailey
Heavy set 18-20 yrs Blonde hair rode a bike older with basket. Seen at 1100 WE Catt Cutting Grass.

    That these are specifically a blonde on a bike is interesting in its consistency. Beyond this the individual is described as "heavy-set" or "slim build," "mid 20's" or "18-20 yrs." Perhaps there are two individuals being referred to, one or both unrelated to the crime. 

Continued in "Strangers on Bicycles."


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