The Victims The Place Time It Was The Crime The Investigation The Convicted
The Victims The Place The Investigation Time it was The Crime The Convicted


State Exhibit 14

Prosecutor:  . . . I believe at the Robin Hood area there's woods on both sides, kind of, at the bayou and there's a pipe.  Do you recall if you crossed over the pipe?
Pamela Hobbs:  No, I didn't cross the pipe.  (Echols/Baldwin trial)

Ryan stated [victim] Chris was affraid to go accross the Pipe.  (Notes from Detective Mike Allen, interview with Ryan Clark.  Original spellings.)

    The prosecution offered no evidence to reconcile the site where the children disappeared with the site where they were found.  Did the children cross the sewer pipe with their bicycles?  Or was the discovery site only the place where their dead bodies were disposed?  It was the prosecution's assertion that the discovery site was also the murder site.  Perhaps the prosecutor realized the difficulty of selling this.  His opening remarks in both trials referred to a lack of blood at the crime scene.

Aaron Hutchinson and others crossing the pipe.

Would the children have brought their bikes across this pipe?

        Aaron Hutchinson leads his mother, Victoria, and police officers across the pipe.    Aaron Hutchinson at various times claimed that he avoided being a victim by not playing with the children that day, that he witnessed the murders, and that he was forced to participate in the murders.  After the arrests were made he identified the West Memphis Three as being the murderers.  Later, he changed this story to having witnessed one of the children's stepfathers killing the children.  His mother was a key prosecution witness.  

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