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The Neighborhood

        Two of the children lived across the street from each other. Michael Moore lived at 1398 E. Barton and Christopher Byers lived at 1400. This, in turn, was next door to their school, Weaver Elementary. Steve Branch lived two long blocks from the others on S. McAuley Dr. They lived in a residential neighborhood three quarters mile south of the Interstate, a three quarters mile east of a warehouse zone. Steve Branch's house backed up against a diversion channel of the bayou (not the same channel near where his body was found). Byers and Moore lived on opposite street corners.
Distance from Byers/Moore to Branch house: 680 yards (street), 580 yards (direct).
Distance from Byers/Moore to discovery site: 1430 yards (street/path), 1000 yards (direct).
Distance from Branch house to discovery site: 2110 yards (street/path), 1580 yards (direct).


 Satellite view of immediate neighborhood, from Barton to South McAuley

Satellite view of area, large file.  

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